The Donaueschingen Palace Park was literally wrested from the marshland and the raw climate of the Baar in the 18th and 19th century. From the beginning it was not reserved for members of the princely house but also open to the public at large. Visitors were intended to enjoy aesthetic pleasures and also benefits to physical wellbeing. “Once the home of frogs, now of health” is how the princely court cavalier commissioned with the park’s design aptly summarised the matter.
The Donaueschingen Palace Park is one of the largest landscape parks in Southwest Germany.
It rich abundance of water is especially remarkable. The numerous springs, ponds, brooks and canals that animate the park eloquently indicate that there used to be nothing but marshland here where the Danube originates.
A visit to the park is made even more memorable for all by its numerous monuments and buildings, including the old monument in Germany to the dramatist and philosopher Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, a former princely bathhouse, a fish house in the style of a Greek temple and an icehouse where the ice that was earlier needed by the Fürstenberg brewery was stored.
Guided tours for group through the palace park are available by appointment. Public guided tours are also offered at specific times.


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