Heiligenberg Castle is situated high above Lake Constance. From here you can enjoy a view that could not be more impressive. On a clear day, the view encompasses the fertile landscape at the foot of the castle, the entire Lake Constance and the majestic Swiss Alps. Heiligenberg Castle was built between 1538 and 1584 by Counts Friedrich and Joachim zu Fürstenberg on the site of a medieval castle.
The castle has remained almost unchanged to this day and is considered one of the outstanding monuments of the German Renaissance, especially because of its magnificent Knights’ Hall. The magnificent Knights’ Hall occupies two floors of the south wing. With its ornately carved wooden ceiling, the corresponding parquet floor, the numerous ancestral portraits, cabinet windows and coats of arms, it is unsurpassed in beauty by any Renaissance hall north of the Alps. The castle chapel, too, is hardly inferior to the Knights’ Hall. It is also an important monument to the history of the Fürstenberg family. The crypt below has been the burial place of the house since 1586.
Among others, Prince Max Egon II (1863-1941), one of the closest friends of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II, rests here. The sculptor Hans Wimmer created an archaic-looking crucifix for his grave. It is one of the special treasures of the Renaissance Heiligenberg Castle, which is already richly decorated with works of art. Today, Heiligenberg Castle is the residence of the hereditary prince and princess Christian and Dr Jeanette zu Fürstenberg.


Guided tours of the castle are currently not possible. We ask for your understanding.